About the Georgiou Lab

Since 2009 the Georgiou laboratory has been focused on the discovery and development of protein therapeutics and on the analysis of adaptive immune responses.

Current Projects include:

  1. Engineering and preclinical/clinical development of human enzyme therapeutics for the treatment of solid tumors and leukemias.
  2. Development of methods for the molecular-level identification of the human antibody repertoire in blood and in secretions.
  3. Analysis of the antibody repertoire elicited by viral infection (e.g. HIV-1) and vaccination to aid the development of more efficient vaccination strategies.
  4. Engineering of antibody therapeutics displaying enhanced ability to recruit cytotoxic leukocytes and blood proteins (complement) for the effective clearance of pathogens.

Earlier work by the Georgiou lab focused on redox homeostasis and protein biogenesis in bacteria and on the development of platform technologies for protein expression and engineering. These studies led to a number of mechanistic advances that are being used commercially for therapeutic protein manufacturing and protein engineering.

Dr. Georgiou is the co-inventor of 29 issued patents and 52 pending US patents and, notably, 16 different technology suites (comprising either one or multiple patents) that have been licensed to major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.